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Posted on April 17 2017

My best friend Max (who came with me on this trip) showed me a life changing book called FRUITS back when we were sophomores in High School. FRUITS is a street fashion magazine showcasing the unique and eclectic styles of Harajuku. It's safe to say that that book completely changed my life. I would go through this book front to back almost everyday for that entire year trying out new and bizarre styles with my friends inspired by this magazine. When it was time to book our trip we decided to stay in Harajuku to fulfill our teenage fantasies.
The main street in Harajuku is known as Takeshita Dori filled with shops ranging from the cutest Japanese character goods to the most amazing curated vintage collections I've ever seen. Over the years it has definitely become a huge tourist spot ---During the day the street is crowded with foreigners each living their Kawaii fantasy but at night the street thins out to reveal a graffiti covered cyberpunk world filled with never-ending crepes!
It was interesting to me how many crepe shops there were. On every corner there is a Crepe shop each with a huge line wrapping around the corner. I guess it's the hip new dessert like how cupcakes were a few years ago. I tried a Green Tea Matcha crepe that was pretty good but the other whip creme one I had was a little to sweet for my taste. I think the best thing about the Crepe shops was their beautiful display cases. I was definitely impressed by whomever sculpted these Crepe displays!
Everything is super cute in Harajuku --- like REALLY CUTE. I can definitely see why so many fashion trends have sprung here. One of my favorite things about Harajuku were the adorable side streets and alley ways. 
I was completely obsessed with the Purikura parlors! They are coin-operated vending machine photo booths that you can crowd in with your friends that produce the silliest pictures. They make your eyes big and put a filter over you so you end up looking like a creepy doll. We loved it! 
Harajuku is also home to the most amazing fashion boutiques and vintage collections. The curation of their vintage stores is so on point. I stopped by several legendary shops including Mishka Tokyo, 6% DokiDoki, SPINNS, WEGO to name a few. 
My favorite thing about Harajuku is how cutesy and pink it is yet completely covered in Graffiti.  It was aesthetic bliss for a Japan nerd like me and the perfect balance between soft and street (TOTALLY ME!) I was beyond inspired and felt right at home. 
Every night I would go up to the top floor of our Apartment Complex and gaze at the skyline. Everyday I was there I had to pinch myself. It wasn't a dream - I finally made it to the place that has inspired me since High School. It was a moment of realization that working hard all these years definitely  paid off. Not only was I there with my best friends but I came to exhibit my art at a gallery and shoot my designs on the streets of Tokyo! Every time I went to the roof it felt so surreal. I was finally here! I highly recommend staying in Harajuku if you go to Japan. It's in the middle of Shibuya and Shinjuku and Yoyogi park is right across the way if you need to get away from the city for a sec. I LOVE YOU HARAJUKU! I'll be back soon. ♡

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